Women’s basic human rights:

Equality. Equity. Parity. 100% full citizenship in humanity.

The right to equal pay for equal work.

The absolute right to body autonomy – that encompasses the right not to be objectified, groped, “grabbed by the pussy,” assaulted, raped, abused by spouses or partners or family members or strangers, and not to be blamed, shamed, damned, ostracized or ridiculed if we do become victimized.

The right to reproductive choice, and to NOT have men making the decision for us whether or not we bear offspring. There are more than seven billion humans on this planet, and three billion of them live on less than $2.50 per day.

The right to protect our children and seniors from bullying.

The right to access affordable, safe contraception and a full spectrum of medical care for any and all health issues, including those exclusive to female biology.

The right to be black, brown, umber, sepia, tan, beige, ecru, white, or green-and-purple plaid, without persecution.

The right to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, deist, animist, new age, druid, wiccan, or uncommitted without persecution, as long as we are not using our faith/lack of faith to do active harm to others.

Rights to food, water, shelter. Rights to speak freely, access factual information without undue government censorship, peaceably to assemble.

The right to live and thrive, even with physical or mental disabilities.

The right to own and define our gender and sexuality, and to marry or not marry the consenting adult partner of our own choosing – or to choose not to.

The right to be LGBTQ without having to face constant discrimination, harassment, disenfranchisement, hate speech, physical violence.

The right to literacy, and a decent education regardless of our income.

The right to be treated as worthy human beings regardless of our age, race, size, body-mass index, appearance, health, fitness, language, economic status, fashion choices, hairstyle, food preferences, or any other arbitrary benchmark set by some entitled majority.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the belief that all humans are worthy and free.

That’s a short list.

Oh, and the right to tell gaslighting, lying, power-crazed malignant-narcissist sociopaths and fascists to fuck off. I think the first amendment prolly covers that one. I have to note that there is no commandment that says, “Thou shall not say ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’ or ‘twatwaffle’.” That’s a social convention and I reject it.

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