Long time, no write

While I’m not doing active writing at this time, I’ve unarchived my blog because people still appear to be interested. Lord knows why. In the three-plus months I sent it on vacation (that is, I set it to “private” so I didn’t have to monitor activity), I’ve continued to get messages from WordPress that readers are requesting access. So here it is.

Comments are disabled. That’s not changing. I don’t have the energy or patience to moderate conversation or answer questions here.

These days I don’t have the free time for research and writing that’s not related to my paying job. It’s not hard to find a few minutes to make a Facebook post or a tweet, but essays take much longer. Can’t write and edit an essay while I’m on a restroom break at the office.

Making a living for the “Residents” and “Manager” (in that order) takes priority. We’re all well, and I hope that you are too.