For some, it is

[25 December 2017]

For some, it is the observance of the birth of a savior.
For some, it is a visit from a gift-bearing saint in a sleigh.
For some, it’s Chinese food and movies.
For some, it’s someone else’s day. Holiday. Holy Day.
For some, it’s only Monday again.

For some, it is family, friends, food, fun.
For some, it is solitude, or howling isolation.

For some it is parties.
For some, it is grief.

The celebration of loved ones.
The absence of loved ones.

Colored lights, gaily wrapped packages, delicious treats.
Darkness, cold, hunger, thirst, pain, fear, addiction.

For some, it is a day of rest.
For some, it is hours of overtime.

For some, it is deployment.
For some, homecoming.

For some it is the first drawn breath.
For some, the last exhalation.

The sun will rise.
The sun will set.

Hope. Despair. Hope. Despair.
Have. Have not.

For some, it is.

Think of some. Think of all.
Light your candle if you have one.