Clemson Is An Odd Place To Live

Some insightful observation about life in the town of Clemson, SC. I apologize: when I originally shared this post, I clicked “Press This” rather than “Reblog,” which made me appear that I was claiming the essay as mine. I’m not the author!

Clemson's Public Square

Clemson is a very small city wrapped in a large university,
and that is an odder combination than I thought. We are have 13,905 residents (all city data
come from Wikipedia and based on population numbers from the 2010 census), abutting
a university with more than 24,000 students (student numbers come from
university web sites) all living in 7.5 square miles. One of the universities we are often compared
to is Auburn, but based on size and population that is not a realistic pairing.
Auburn is approximately 60 square miles in size with over 53,000 residents and
a university with 30,000 students. How about Virginia Tech? Nope, not like us. Blacksburg encompasses approximately 20 square
miles with a population over 42,000 and 33,000 students. One of the big differences,
in addition to size, is that both Auburn and Blacksburg have significantly more
residents than their universities have students, just theā€¦

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