I’m a lifelong small-town Southerner, a writer-editor-proofreader, a traveler through reading and a book nerd, a lover of nature and of all of its non-human residents. As of late, I work as a public information specialist and publications curator for the graduate school of a public state university. Before that, I was a book designer and digital production tech-typographer for 15 years. And before that, I did a lot of less-than-meaningful work in a lot of fields I disliked. I’m also a progressive thinker, feminist, pro-intellectual, anti-authoritarian, and have been a paisley sheep among white sheep — an outlier — all my life.

“The Little Green Inn for Wayward Dogs” is not a business, but my home. Giving a loving permanent or foster home to thrown-away dogs is what brings me satisfaction… that, plus speaking up for the under-heard, and writing.

Believe it or not, I don’t blog to attract followers or gain a huge audience. I blog because I need to write, love to write, about the world around me. A blog is  good place to store what I write. Since I’m an introvert, shy, and asocial, my personal world is small. Reading and writing open up the universe for a person who is solitary by nature.  For me as for many writers, writing about personal experiences, studies, observations, analyses, and opinions is a solitary pursuit and a vital catharsis.

Publishing that writing — unavoidably, I guess — looks like an act of ego and a cry for attention, as well as a willingness to expose my human vulnerabilities, especially when I write candidly about my own screw-ups and then do forensic analysis. It’s not a cry for attention. I’d write even if no one read me.

I hope to invite my readers, as well as myself, to feel less alone while preserving our respective personal spaces. Publishing a blog assumes that there’s someone out there who will actually read my words, give a damn, and not try to use them against me, the writer, later. The topics I write about are important. I am not, and I know that. That’s the bottom line.

I’m still surprised and embarrassed when anyone actually reads me and says “Yes. I get it.” But I hope you get it, even if you don’t necessarily share the experience. If you don’t, please scroll on past.

Interactivity currently is not something I can cope with, thanks to other commitments and my high level of anxiety given the screwed-upness of world, so I’ve disabled commenting. Thanks for understanding.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I would love to use your article about throw away hounds in a letter to the editor. This is a real problem and I volunteer at our local animal control and there are quite a few hounds. People need to be made aware of this problem.

    • Dyanne, I’m so sorry it took me 8 months to see this comment – I never think to check my “about” post! Please feel to share – Anything we can do to promote awareness of the plight of homeless dogs in America has to be worth doing,

  2. I love the passion you show for the “disgarded” animals in society these days. We do breed dogs, Australian Shepherds to be exact, and have for over 30 years. Our questionnaire runs to 3 pages and it’s filled in before we even consider anyone wanting one of our pups. Most people wait a year or more for the right pup to come along. But along with that we’ve been actively involved in rescue for nearly as long as we’ve been raising dogs. I think I’ve seen it all and heard it all by now but you very clearly are not afraid to state your opinion(s). Good for you and I wish you all the best for the future. May all your critters find a forever home as wonderful as the one you give them!

  3. I’m excited to have found you. My good friend shared one of your posts yesterday–she works at the animal shelter I volunteer at. We both enjoyed your article and I have shared on all over my social media platforms. Keep up the great work, even if you DO have to disable comments! 🙂

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